A unique diagnostic tool for


By measuring recovery, LARC Test shows

the intensity of the horse's training.

Healthy & Fit – Help your horse thrive!

A unique diagnostic tool for improving the health and performance of a horse.

Improve Performance

Adjust your training programs in a way which reaches the horse’s maximum potential. Measure the recovery to know the difference between overtraining and undertraining.

Measure in the Field

You don’t have to take your horse anywhere. Once a week use LARC TEST in the regular field, after the hardest training session.

Avoid Overtraining Injuries

The proper training intensity avoids overtraining-induced injuries. LARC TEST provides objective data to know the intensity of the training session for each horse.

Prevent Muscular Enzyme Increase

There is a risk of muscular injury when the recovery is not good enough. The training report shows you if a muscular treatment is needed.

Detect Pulmonary & Muscular Disorders

The maximum potency and muscular speed can be reached if the heart and lungs are functioning in a healthy way. The training report shows you if a pulmonary or muscle disorder is limiting the horse’s potential.

Maintain Normal Routines

You don’t have to change your normal training routine or your staff work’s routine. LARC TEST is designed to be used under normal field conditions.

A tool for the team!



Knows the specific effort of each horse after their training session.



Becomes alerted of subclinical disorders that only become apparent during training.



Less injuries, more training sessions, more race preparation, better placing in races.

Finally an app with horse power!

The unique LARC TEST formula determines how intense the training effort

was on the horse’s body and reports it on the phone.

Individually manage multiple horses

Add as many horses to your team as you like. Assign rights to certain team members so only those whom you want to see the results will have access to the information.

Search & view past training results

Track your horse’s fitness training performance over time. Search for reports by name of the horse or the date of the training. All your data is available in your device 24/7.

Get insightful health & fitness results

With our proprietary horse fitness program you will receive helpful advice and tips in addition to valuable information about your horse’s fitness.