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About Us

09:40 05 August in Info

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Larc Test is a unique, data-driven tool which improves and enhances the training regimen in high-performance horses. LARC Test provides fundamental data for achieving the optimal performance within each horse. By using LARC Test, you will know the key indicators of each individual horse at the end of one training session.


Benefits of LARC Test

  • Improves performance of the animal – including but not limited to speed, endurance, reaction & recovery time
  • Provides data-based programming for the training of each animal
  • Avoids overtraining injuries
  • Reduces risk of rhabdomyolysis
  • Prevents the increase of muscle enzymes
  • Detects subclinical pulmonary and muscle disorders that limit performance and general causes of poor performance
  • Serves as a guide to various areas for improvement.