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Does the horse need to perform a specific workout or exercise to use LARC TEST?

No. LARC TEST can use any physical exercise to collect data. It is designed to measure recovery of efforts greater than a trot.


When are the measurements made?

Measurements are taken and obtained at the end of the workout. Measuring should begin within five (5) minutes following the completion of training.


How many animals can be assessed in a work day?

LARC TEST does not have a limit on the number of horses that can be evaluated.


Do I have to use it every day?

You should use LARC TEST ONCE A WEEK. LARC TEST is designed to measure the recovery of the hardest training session of the week.


Do I have to take my horse anywhere?

No. LARC TEST measures the recovery of the horse IN THE FIELD.


Is an Internet connection required?

Yes. Having a connection to the internet will generate immediate results.


What does LARC TEST tell me?

LARC TEST data generates a response that details:

  • The level of intensity of the session completed by the horse.
  • The recovery requirements for the next workout or training session for that animal
  • Whether there is a subclinical pulmonary condition that may be an obstacle to the horse’s performance

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How do I know if my horse’s performance is improving?

LARC TEST’s software application is designed so that each animal has its own worksheet. The program continually records the data entered into the system. This provides a comprehensive workout and training history, as well as recovery data. Having this history of various data points creates the most effective, objective analysis which highlights the horse’s peak areas of performance.


How can I start using LARC TEST?

1. Download the app for free



2. Get your password