From LARC TEST Customers…

From LARC TEST Customers…

05:43 23 March in Blog

From LARC TEST customers…

LARC TEST is dedicated to meeting your needs of having a healthy, successful horse. Having satisfied these needs for the majority of our customers, the results are undeniable. Since embracing LARC TEST as a member of the training team, owners have experienced both an increase in the number of 1st place finishes and prize money won and a decrease in the number of races missed due to injury.
We are pleased to share with you several testimonials from satisfied LARC TEST customers. Curious about LARC TEST? Join us today and see the success for yourself!

Edgardo Martucci, Racehorse Trainer
“LARC TEST has given me great satisfaction and results since using the product. We were able to treat one of our best horses, Manuscrito, who had been performing poorly. After using LARC TEST with Manuscrito, he secured a second place finish in the Republic Grand Prix, losing only by a nose. We used LARC TEST with our other horse, Mustang Force, in preparation for Gran Premio International Carlos Pellegrini, where he was able to perform in healthy and optimal physical condition. When we used LARC TEST for another thoroughbred racehorse’s training, the application detected a problem in his lungs. Needless to say, we have won a lot of races thanks to LARC TEST!”

Carolina Udovicich, Veterinarian
“LARC TEST is a useful addition to the training regimen for thoroughbred horses, especially as a diagnostic tool for veterinarians. LARC TEST allows us to understand how the horse’s body is responding to training, through key measurements of certain biological parameters during the recovery process. This data helps the team plan the next workout for individual horses, based on each horse’s training report. As a veterinarian, LARC TEST helps my team prevent injuries caused by over-training, particularly in the lungs and muscles. LARC TEST gives us objective data about the horse’s internal environment almost immediately after the workout and detects abnormalities, which we can then diagnose and treat sooner than if we didn’t have access to this technology.”

Eduardo Suarez Lynch, Racehorse Owner
“Although the technology was a new concept to our veterinarians, LARC TEST has proven to be a very good and effective system. We first began using LARC TEST with four horses, while continuing to use our old system with another four horses. In just three months, LARC TEST had improved our horse’s health and training results by 100 percent, in comparison to previous results when we not using the product. We immediately modified our training plans in order to continue improving performance and reduce the risk of injuries. Thank you to the LARC TEST team for their goodwill, fellowship, and service to our stud! We look forward to continuing 2016 with more success.”

Drs. Fernanadez and Pelusa,  Racehorse Owners
“One of our thoroughbred racehorses suffers from varying respiratory problems. Fortunately, Dr. Cecilia Tula used LARC TEST to measure our horse’s heart rate, lactic acid levels, and respiratory rate following a difficult workout in order to provide an accurate and objective diagnosis. Based on the results provided by LARC TEST, Dr. Tula was able to offer the proper treatment for our horse prior to each race. The horse’s race results and subsequent recovery were amazing! After using LARC TEST, our racehorse in question secured the first and second places in separate races, both more successful results than our horses who had not been training with LARC TEST. We definitely recommend the product to those seeking a new training tool.”