The Key to Faster Racehorses? Training with Technology

21:29 04 March in Blog

The Key to Faster Racehorses? Training with Technology

Racehorses are getting faster. There is even speculation that the current Kentucky Derby record time (Secretariat’s 1:59 in 1973) could be beaten by as much as 1.5 seconds in today’s world. Alan Wilson, co-author of Modern Riding Style Improves Horse Racing Times, maintains there is no physical limit to how fast horses can get.

Why are race times improving so much? What can be done to continue improving these times?

A variety of reasons are at play; the horses’ genetics, their diets, the jockeys – and perhaps their training. Without proper technology designed to improve training, a horse can only improve its performance so much. As the racing industry looks ahead to the possibility for faster, more successful horses, an evolution in training technology is on the rise.

Recent studies show how technology not only helps improve performance but also prevents injuries in horses. In 2014, there were 41,277 horse races in the U.S., and an increase in the incidence of fatal injury on turf by 27 percent. If horse racing is to continue this racing evolution, new technologies are necessary to safe and successful training.

“Innovative technology is the future of training for horses,” says Cecilia Tula, Founder and Director of LARC TEST. “Measuring a horse’s training efforts in-field leads to improved race results, and LARC TEST allows owners and trainers to utilize a high-tech training tool to accomplish these goals.”

LARC TEST is a mobile app that generates analytical training reports based on the horse’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and lactic acid. Since adopting the technology, owners are experiencing both an increase in the number of 1st place finishes and prize money won and a decrease in the number of missed races due to injury.

Meanwhile, acoustic emission data (a system pioneered by researchers at Purdue University), is helping owners detect bone fractures and potential microcracks in horses’ bones.

Specialty nutrition products for horse owners have been created by Kentucky Equine Research (KER), designed to optimize a horse’s health through carefully formulated products and KER-affiliated feed ingredients and supplements.

As horse owners embrace the need to adopt modern technology to keep their horses healthy, safe, and successful, it is apparent revolutionary tools and methods are readily available to help improve horse performance.

In a snapshot of the equine industry, LARC TEST appears as the only product to generate objective, analytical data for individual horses and also determine the level of effort exerted by the horse during a workout.

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