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What is the key to success?

The key to achieving optimal performance is to know every horse’s individual recovery effort.


When a horse’s recovery is measured, you will know the intensity of the workout effort for each horse. In turn, knowing the workout intensity and required recovery provides the ability to design your training programs in a way which reaches the horse’s maximum potential.

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Why is that useful?

Knowing the intensity of each workout for individual horses allows you to plan the next session in order to continue improving fitness, which gives the animal the proper training intensity, while avoiding overtraining-induced injuries LARC TEST offers you the potential for each horse to achieve its best performance.

Do I need LARC TEST?

Yes. Using LARC TEST is currently the only method to know the recovery of each animal in an objective, measurable way.

Without LARC TEST, the data used to know the status of your horse’s training is subjective. LARC TEST provides objective data, based on metabolic parameters of the horse itself.

Am I training properly?

Proper training depends on developing the horse’s overall fitness and performance, while avoiding injury. Overtraining leads to injury or fatigue, which can be irreversible in some cases. However, under training also risks wasting a great horse by failing to reach its full potential.

Am I overtraining or under training?

The only true way to know the difference between overtraining and under training is to measure the animal’s recovery.

How do I reach the full potential of each horse?

There are great possibilities for each horse if we adapt our efforts to their needs and not conform to the same fixed regimen for each horse.

What makes a winning team?

winning team

LARC TEST provides objective facts reached through the measuring of heart rate, lactic acid, respiratory rate, type of field, exercise distance, and more.